Team Members

The LDR team are eCommerce, marketplace, consumer lifestyle product and service experts. We have extensive experience founding, operating, growing, transforming, turning around and investing in successful, omni-channel brands from early stage to global market leaders. Our network of resources, relationships and proven ability to simplify complexity and add value is unparalleled.


Maxine Kozler

Drew Koven

Jim Scharpf


Matthew J. Simon, Esq.

Emmanuel Ruggiero

David Pinkham

Kathy Nguyen

OJ Roque

Chris Graves

Geoff Auslen

George Faerber III


Shelby Meade

Daniel Jang

Asher Leids

Rob Chong

Jenise Steverding

Hilary Rosengard

Stephen Wood

Patrick Graves

Silvia Mazzucchelli

John Landis

Carol Spickler

Jeremy Koven

Shelly Madick

Mary Jimenez

Chuck Martin

Wendy Klarik

Emily Hecht

Karla Frieders

Amber Tarshis

Kyle Maurer

Orlando Blake, P.H.D. CPT

Lisa Pisano

Giri Durbhakula

Phineas Ellis

James Citron

Edan Goldenberg

Steve Harris

Lisa Joy Rosner

Ian Gomar

Matt Joseph

Aubrie Pagano