Jeremy Koven

Head of Sports, Entertainment & Hospitality Investments


Jeremy Koven, a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Arizona and Honors College, seamlessly blends academic achievement with a passion for the culinary arts and hospitality. He honed his skills as a Private Chef for NBA and EuroLeague athletes across the U.S. and Italy, kickstarted under the mentorship of Chef Sue Torres. A dynamic entrepreneur, Jeremy founded a non-profit supporting young athletes and a basketball media company The Hooperverse, collaborating with top brands, professional athletes, and media empires. Jeremy has been brought on as the Operational Manager of Cecilia, a restaurant under development in the East Village of Manhattan, projected opening June 2024.

His entrepreneurial journey began at 13 when he launched Agent Cali, a clothing company that introduced him to business fundamentals like supplier management, logistics, marketing and brand ambassadorship. Jeremy’s business mantra is “If you have the passion to pursue a new venture, make sure your heart and mind are aligned. To be part of our collective future, you need to create in the present.” This mantra captures his approach to blending passion with action, crafting an impactful and forward-thinking career.


He is a trend & systemic shift spotter specifically focused on art, music, food, fashion, culture & lifestyles. His approach to entrepreneurs and creators is “if you want to build a brand for us – the brand should be built by us.”


Campbell Hall School

The Buckley School

University of Arizona


Business Development

Community Building

Trend Analysis