Shelby Meade

Shelby meade
Venture Mentor


Shelby runs Hello Shelby Media, one of the most influential PR firms in the entertainment/lifestyle space. Her client roster includes Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, Luscious Jackson, Ben Harper and Moby as well as some of the most recognizable names in the active sports and fashion industry. Shelby has also played instrumental roles in producing Austin City Limits Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Shelby also played an important role with the launch of the Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY. Shelby is from Detroit originally but due to her love of the surf is probably in southern California to stay


She started in the music business working in a branch office firm—learning how everything works, from retail to radio. Shelby moved to New York and worked mainly with hip-hop music, including  Busta Rhymes. In 2001, she took her skills to sunny Los Angeles and started her own PR company. New, well-known and well-respected Shelby for publicity and marketing as a specialist in music, action sports, fashion, film, festivals and other related fields. Some of her additional clients include: Shaun White, Cold War Kids, Matthew Mayfield, Bassnectar, Lollapalooza and the Austin City Limts Music Festival.



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Pine Manor College


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