Orlando Blake, P.H.D. CPT

Orlando Blake


Orlando Blake, PhD, CPT is President at The Blake Group Organizational Consulting. His mantra: Business is not “like life.” It is life and what you need to create a healthy business is the same as what you need to create a healthy life. Since 1993, The Blake Group has specialized in individual and organizational performance improvement and effectiveness.

Lanny works with organizations and individuals to improve relationships, expand thinking, amplify talent, increase performance and effectiveness, and create a positive workplace environment.

His main task is to help individuals and organizations increase effectiveness by improving processes. Processes include how people talk to each other, how they identify and solve problems, how they make decisions, and how they handle conflict.


Orlando is currently the President of The Blake Group Organizational Consulting.


Claremont Graduate University, PhD, Meditation and Conflict Resolution

University of Southern California, MPA in Applied Behavioral Science


Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

Organizational Development