Chris Graves

Chris Graves


Chris has over eighteen years of experience in the eCommerce B2C & B2B Drop Ship Channels. He started selling on Amazon with a pilot program selling Chilton manuals in 2004. Chris has experience selling on Amazon in seven major categories; Automotive, Apparel, Electronics and Health and Beauty, Industral & Scientific, Pet Supplies and Sports & Outdoors. I have over fourteen years of selling experience on Amazon and other marketplace channels.

Currently Chris manages over ten brands, all of which are sold from their own DotComs as well as Amazon, Jet and Walmart. He created several Go-To Market Strategies for products in several different categories. With knowledge of SEO, SEM, Social Media and the Amazon Eco system Chris can scale any business to the next level.


Chris is currently the Vice President of Ecommerce at Zake International Inc.


Ecommerce & Marketing Strategy