Reef Technology


Parking facilities do a lot more than just store your car. They serve as buffers for high density, high activity areas and, as such, alleviate congestion and the ensuing pollution. But, with the explosive growth of the sharing and on-demand economy, it is expected that the need for parking to solely store cars will be outgrown by other needs. It is within this environment that we have reimagined the role of a parking facility.

Parking lots are within walking distance of where we live, work and entertain. They have served us very well for a century, keeping our neighborhoods livable by providing useful space in close proximity.

But it is clear that parking facilities must adapt to continue to be relevant. At REEF, we have taken on this challenge by transforming parking facilities to ecosystems that connect people to the goods and services that keep us moving forward in a sustainable, thoughtful way.

To realize this vision, we are using our technology-driven digital and physical platform to seamlessly integrate a broad range of businesses. ‚ÄčAnd in so doing, we are creating the next phase of a neighborhood.

See the possibilities and opportunities of a parking center brought to life. So much more than parking, REEF is the ecosystem that connects the world to your block.