Law Champs


LawChamps is for people who need lawyers for personal and business matters. We’re advocates for access to justice, social and legal reform who connect and protect people by simultaneously matching them with top lawyers as needed, on-demand to protect who and what matters most. There is no cost for those who need lawyers to use our matching service. Potential clients select from verified lawyers and pay a fee to those they chose to work with. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives, maybe more than once, when we needed a trustworthy lawyer for a personal, family or business matter. The process can be stressful, scary and overwhelming.

Like you, we’ve worked hard to build our families, businesses, careers and reputations. LawChamps is rooted in relationships with exceptional customer service and real time communication to provide legal peace of mind. Lawyers use our platform to build their practices with new clients, to create positive online reputations and manage them with profiles, ratings and reviews, websites and content development.

We have doctors for our health, accountants for our taxes, mechanics for our vehicles, and with LawChamps, you have a champion for your legal health and well being.

Co Founders

Jennifer McGlone
Mike Muse



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