We’re tackling inclusion and diversity head on to drive systemic change by creating and ensuring accountability. We’re focused on solutions for entrepreneurs of all genders, races, ages, sexual orientations and nationalities with investors and mentors who are aligned to this mission.

***Names of women, men and transgender will be kept confidential. This is a space for individuals to safely report discrimination / bias / harassment. ***

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I’m Drew Koven and i have an important message for all investors that behave inappropriately towards women Hi, I’m Drew Koven a global corporate executive turned venture investor. I listen to stories firsthand, from women everyday,

Hi, I’m Maxine Kozler. A General Partner with LDR Ventures and an LP with Belle Capital Fund USA an all Female VC firm. I invest in and mentor woman and minority founded and led businesses. I’m a wife, a mother

Let’s Democratize Access To Capital and Resources For All Together

To all those who have shown tremendous patience and courage, we’re shining a light on the devastation of bias, discrimination and harassment to people’s lives and our economy.

Nothing changes if nothing changes and it’s no longer a secret that many have been competing at an unfair advantage for far too long. Entrepreneurs are often outsiders as it’s very hard to disrupt an industry from within given the politics. The greatest changes come from those who feel the direct impact of unmet needs and we feel your pain.

From egregious incidents of harassment to the small paper cuts of bias experienced every day, we have made a decision to tackle these challenges head on. Our approach is risky as we may become outcasts from the Venture Capital world. However, we believe that we are speaking to all those who expect the highest standards to be maintained from entrepreneurs to investors alike.

Our approach is to collaborate with those that have been harmed in partnership with those that chose to be part of the change. Together we will create true accountability, consequences and solutions that drive real systemic change.

Our goals are: gender equity, race equity, ethnic equity, age equity, sexual orientation equity, diversity, inclusion and impact. Words are not enough, it’s time for action.

Without greater diversity, inclusion and economic empowerment (which enables a more diverse group to create businesses, jobs and wealth to invest), the current state of today’s highly polarized venture capital marketplace cannot change. It won’t be easy, nor will it be quick, but it will happen.

More then just a deterrent, we believe that these efforts will lead to the establishment of proper standards and an enforceable code of conduct thereby making zero tolerance a reality.

***Names of women, men and transgender will be kept confidential. This is a space for individuals to safely report discrimination / bias / harassment. ***

1- Have you experienced bias (implicit or explicit) as a founder fundraising or as an entrepreneur?

Name of Offending Fund, Company and/or Individual(s)

Approximate Date of Incident(s)

2- Have you experienced harassment or discrimination from an investor?

Classify the Level of Harassment or Discrimination

Name of Offending Fund, Company and/or Individual(s)

Approximate Date of Incident(s)

I shared this information with someone immediately after the incident:

I have considered filing a legal report?