Ryan Williams is a former standup comedian, startup entrepreneur and business author and podcaster. He wrote the book, The Influencer Economy: How to Launch Your Idea, Share it With the World, and Thrive in the Digital Age. In this episode of The BizFix, Ryan shares his own story for how you can pivot your career and launch yourself in the influencer economy.

Ryan details his journey from standup comedy, to startup entrepreneurship, to writing his first book. You’ll learn how Ryan got through a depressed period in his life, and how that shapes him today. Ryan also shares how he pivoted his career from a comedy into marketing, and how his self-awareness and internal gauge lead him into the business world.

Ryan Williams is a marketing strategist, international speaker and early team member at DigiSynd (acquired by Disney) and Machinima.com (acquired by Warner Bros.). He shares his knowledge about how business is all about solving problems for other people.

The BizFix Podcast Take Home Value:

  • Why standup comedy and other difficult public speaking gigs can help you present your ideas better at work and in front of your bosses
  • How it’s not always important to be the star or CEO and that you can be an incredibly valuable team member behind the scenes
  • How Ryan started his standup comedy career and pivoted into comedy show marketing because of the importance of his own self-awareness
  • Find out why it’s important to pilot your business ideas by starting projects with a low barrier of entry like blogging, making web videos, podcasting, etc. to start building your brand
  • How making your business idea more real, includes small steps like buying a website domain, making a logo and writing a blog post with your point of view

Ryan’s Influencer Economy book is step-by-step guide to launching your product in the new economy. He teaches how to build a core community around your idea, collaborate with key influencers to grow your product base, and launch a product that changes the world.

Ryan’s info: