Rob Chong is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and co-founder of the home security device, Halo Home. He is also an influential leader behind some of the world’s most recognized retail brands. In this episode of The BizFix, Rob shares his own entrepreneur playbook, for how to launch your startup in the modern economy.

Rob is a member of the prestigious startup accelerator 500 Startups. In this episode, he’ll layout the framework for how he was able to join an accelerator to help grow his business. He’ll go into the specifics around building a pitch deck, hiring team members, and give advise on whether or not a startup accelerator is for you.

Rob and his co-founder Brian Cox literally both quit their day jobs to start Halo Home. Rob recently left his corporate job at Guess Jeans while Brian left his job at Apple to build their Halo Home product. Rob is the former creative director at Guess Jeans, and head of digital, ecommerce and marketing at PacSun and Scripps Networks Digital.

The inspiration for Halo Home came, as both Rob and Brian (who are new dads) were looking into how to protect their families at home. After researching home safety products, the two entrepreneurs discovered they had similar ideas for home security. Then they hatched Halo Home.

The BizFix Take Home Value:

  • Find out how to create a pitch deck, product video and learn about the tools you need to apply to a startup accelerator
  • How making it an entrepreneur depends on your commitment to the product as Rob commutes every day from L.A. to San Francisco for work
  • The importance of a p-plan (people plan) and how Rob builds a great startup company culture without having a big corporate staff and budget
  • Why Rob believes that having a positive approach to challenges helps entrepreneurs to find success
  • Why Rob believe you can’t teach passion and how so many qualities of great team members don’t show up on your resume

Rob is creating a home monitoring solution to transform the way people experience, capture and share their lives. Halo Home is a home monitoring solution at the collision of collision of decor, fashion and smart home technology. He is also the R of LDR Ventures, the investor group that presents The Biz Fix podcast.

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