Barbara Boxer is an entrepreneur, venture capital investor, attorney, and a trailblazer for women in business. She is currently the Manager Director of Belle Capital, and has over 20 years of experience advising and investing in early-stage companies.

Barbara has spent the lion’s share of her life focused on both empowering women and investing in the ideas of female entrepreneurs. She is also the founder and managing member of Women Angels, LLC, an investment group that is comprised of qualified women investors who only invest in women owned businesses. Women Angels has invested over $5 million in five women owned businesses since 2007.

In this episode, Barbara details her business journey, and discusses her investment ethos, which involves creating more funding outcomes for women-driven ventures. When looking for business deals Barbara looks at many different characteristics. Whether it is connecting with entrepreneurs who have imagination, finding the “heart” in the deals, or analyzing the company’s teams, Barbara is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build out their dreams.

Barbara jokes that she is a “recovering lawyer.” She recognizes that there are many brick walls that you face when starting a business, and that you must find that chip on your shoulder, in order to get through those walls!

The BizFix Podcast Take Home Value:

  • How Barbara plays golf in order to get away from her work, and why everyone needs to find an activity to “shut it down” and stay fresh
  • Which trends Barbara believes are big for women in business, including futuristic tech, robotics, and medical devices
  • Why Barbara wanted to show her daughter and granddaughter that she was “walking in the walk” and doing more than talking about investing in female entrepreneurs
  • Why Barbara thinks it’s important to find the chip on your shoulder that helps you thrive and stay motivated in business

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