I am here today with Kaitlyn Barclay and Willow Hill, co-founders of Scout Lab

Scout Lab offers an intensive ‘Brand Sprint’ designed to define your target audience and create a narrative that is both relevant and authentic to your community. From core messaging to visual design, we set your brand strategy in one month.

Brand Sprint – The Scout Lab Brand Sprint is a four week engagement in which we work with your key stakeholders to form a bulletproof brand strategy. The final delivery is a brand strategy document that details community enablement, industry competition, core audience definition, brand positioning and visual identity.

A team of brand and digital marketing experts that have worked to build everything from early stage startups to fortune 500 brands including adidas, Levi’s, Motorola, Airbnb, Wells Fargo, fitmob and more.

Kaitlyn Barclay – Co-Founder & CEO has been at the helm of growth strategy for small and large companies alike, from fitmob (acquired by ClassPass) to Levi’s. Her specialty is marrying brand strategy to digital marketing efforts in order to rapidly scale community.

Willow Hill – Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer study at the London College of Fashion. She is a creative strategist and world traveler obsessed with new technology. Most recently, she spent four years launching and growing the Airbnb brand globally. She has a passion for bringing brands to life through immersive content and experiences.

Recent clients include adidas, Paragon One, Bungalow and Teressa Foglia.