I’m here today with Sky Kelley, the Founder & CEO of Avisare and the 17th African America women ever to raise $1 million + in VC funding.
Avisare is democratizing the nature of sourcing within procurement – a multi-trillion dollar industry by making it possible for companies of all sizes can bid on contracts. They simplify the process with a SAAS based platform, which enables companies to find, select from a large pool of vendors and retail the right ones to work with.

Today – it’s a highly fragmented process with little to no consistency – including several different processes, company specific platforms, sending in emails, filling out forms on websites, etc. It’s very frustrating, making it nearly impossible for most small to mid size businesses to fairly compete.

Many of which may be able to offer a better product or service at more affordable rates – Oftentimes referred to as a black hole – there is little transparency or accountability.

Problem: Gated – closed systems for supplier registration + RFP outreach – this requires a lot of administrative resource to support.

Solution: One platform. Simplified process for all that ensures transparency and accountability.

Social Mission

To alleviate wealth inequality along racial and gender lines by leveling the playing field for all businesses to compete for contracts.

Previously, she was Director of New Product Strategy for AT&T and prior to that at Disney. Her challenge at both, was how to find the vendors she needed to create new products – an idea was born.

Sky began her career on Wall Street in Derivative and Equity Sales – having assisted in the deal negotiations of more than $20 Billion for three different Fortune 100 companies.

  • She sits on the board of the LA Clean Tech Incubator – where she over sees diversity and inclusion.
  • Sky holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied Entrepreneurship.
  • She is an east coast transplant who proudly resides in Los Angeles – like my wife Maxi.

Check out AVISARE.COM – which means making you aware in Spanish and Italian – Sky loves language – and is also fluent in French.