Shelby Meade has been called a high-functioning creative. As a publicist she has worked with some of the largest musical groups and athletes around the world. She’s also an innovator in human rights and a champion for women’s rights around the world. Whether it’s working with Moby, The Beastie Boys, or Shawn White, she puts her clients and their causes front and center. She makes sure that they are the story.

Shelby grew up in Michigan and was obsessed with surfing and skating. Now later in life, she still has the same obsessions and gets to work with both world-class surfers and skaters.

The BizFix Take Home Value:

  • Why it’s important to just start working and finding out what you not only are good at, but enjoy at a young age
  • How working with a brand in 2017 isn’t about the “swipe culture,” which is momentary satisfaction
  • How listening to people at the local skate shops helped Shelby to understand the local communities where her artists performed
  • Why it’s important in both retail and branding, to help the customer find themselves in your store to help their experience
  • How problem solving together with people who have opposing views is the best way to move forward

Imagine you’re 20 years old, working in the music industry and your boss say: “You have to throw a party for Elton John in 3 weeks. This includes renting a piano, getting the invitations and catering. And if Elton doesn’t like the piano and walks out, it’s all your fault.” Well, one of Shelby’s first tasks in her entertainment career, and she nailed it.

From a young age, Shelby showed the self-awareness to “just start” pursuing her interests, passions and ultimately grow her expertise. She is known now as one of the premiere publicists in the music industry, helping to break artists like Jack Johnson through un-traditional media methods. She also works with artists like The Beastie Boys and Shawn White pursue their passions, tell their stories and pursue their causes on a global stage.