Cat Berman is a 3-time entrepreneur, who is passionate about the intersection of money and meaning. She has served as strategic consultant for social ventures around the world.

Cat is the founder of CNote, and she wants to turns the majority of Americans who are saving money, into investors. She is focused on designing new financial opportunities to unleash a new area of financial empowerment. CNote is a high-yield, low risk savings product that delivers savers a 2.5% return with positive social impact. Listen to the podcast on our website:

Did you realize that the vast majority of Americans don’t think they are good investors? 70% of Americans consider themselves savers, but they don’t consider themselves investors. Millions of Americans are being left behind. Cat Berman and her CNote team want to change that.

CNote works with Community Development Financial Intuitions (CDFIs), who are essentially – lenders to the community. CDFIs do more than traditional banks that merely provide small business loans. CDFIs help mentor small businesses on fair capital and provide business coaching. Moreover, they focus helping women or minority groups that may not get a loan approved by a bigger institution.

CNote focuses on impact investing, which means that investments go towards local community businesses – specially investing in women and minority entrepreneurs. Cat believes that CNote is the linchpin that connects CDFIs with lenders, many of whom happen to be ordinary Americans, not high net worth individuals.

BizFix’s Take Home Value:

  • Find out the important of Cat’s people plan (p-plan) around her values of inclusivity, empowerment and respect.
  • Why company sayings at CNote like family first, people first, and kindness first matter when building a company culture
  • How money equals power, and how people save and invest their money matters in the modern economy
  • Why Cat believes in building great companies around making it easy for an employee to be person and a professional

Cat’s info: