I’m here today with Blair Cobb who unlocks one’s potential for doing good every day. She has over 13 years of experience creating strategic partnerships across the for-profit, non-profit, personal and social enterprise sectors.
Blair is the Founder and Principal of BWC consulting which specializes in helping individuals and companies create and execute philanthropic strategies and campaigns aligned with their core values, assets and beliefs.
She is also the Founder of Wholistic Nut, a Los Angeles-based food company that thinks wholistically about the nature of our products and the impact they have on our communities. Her Company makes delicious handmade almond milks and nut-based treats – they’re delicious.
Check Out: WholisticNut.com
Blair is passionate about using WholisticNut to help under-served women in LA to reclaim their lives back.
Known as ‘the nut girl.’ her mother packed her lunch every day growing up, which always included a peanut butter sandwich, no jelly (ever).
As she got older her tolerance for digesting peanuts worsened. She began to notice additives in the food she was consuming, which led to earning a certificate in holistic health from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition back in 2013 – turning her personal challenge into opportunity.
Prior to Founding Wholistic Nut, Blair was Director of Business Development for Change.org and the Senior Director for Cause Marketing and Community Relations at AOL.
She’s a Member of the board of directors of Promises Foundation/Miriam’s House and The Los Angeles Activator for SheEo